Sendratari Jonggrang is a mythical origin of Ratu Boko Palace, Sewu Temple, and the Durga Statue in Prambanan Compound portraying the story of love and betrayal. The Legend tells the story about two kingdoms in Java, Pengging and Boko. Prabu Damar, who has a son named Bandung Bondowoso wisely ruled
the Pengging Kingdom. At the other kingdom, there was Prabu Boko cruelly rulesd the Baka Kingdom. Despite his cruelty, Prabu Boko had a beautiful daughter Rara Jonggrang.

The enmities between both kingdomes remain until Bandung Bondowoso won the battle. For the love of Roro Jonggrang, Bandung Bondowoso was deceived by her beauty and charm. Committed to fulfill the conditions, by then Bandung agreed to build Jalatunda Well and 1,000 temples. Meanwhile, Roro Jonggrang was struggling to fail his effort. Knowing the fact of being deceived, Bandung Bondowoso condemned the princess, “Thou the last statues you be!” Then there was happened to be Roro Jonggrang as the last Durga statues as of the temple known as Candi Prambanan.